Take tension PDF 電子書籍 フリー

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Take tension

  • ファイル名: Take tension PDF 電子書籍 フリー.
  • ISBN : 23695393
  • リリース日 : 29 4月 2022
  • ページ数 : 165 ページ
  • 著者 : 伊藤丈恭
  • 作成者情報 : 伊藤丈恭
  • エディター : 独立した出版社





This book has become the original story of “Great Way to Keep Tension in Pop” (Ascom) (English Language Not Guaranteed)

Why does the actor feel nervous on the stage?

Be strong in people! Break your shells in everyday life.
It has a dramatic approach to achieving “instant tension” and “chronic tension”.
The protagonist crying
Navigate with the story of overhauling that is directed by the former big actress “Mom”.
The Manga version is popular with the popular public.

Table of Contents
Episode 1: Make it easy to enjoy.
Episode 2: Anxiety.
Episode 3: Concentrate
Episode 4: Please hesitate.
Speak out Episode 5.
Episode 6: Make your ride easier.
Episode 7: Rethink Positive
Discard the eight episodes of attention
Episode 9: Learn to roles
Episode 1: We strive for deep relaxation.
Episode 1: Increase tension.
Conversation of the end
The “tension” exercise introduced in the story

Author Profile.
Itou Takeuru (Ito Take)
theatrical trainer Born in 1967. From Osaka.
From 19 years old and up, the Stanislafski system from Kyoo Yoshizawa.
Learn how to perform by Zen Hilano
Yoshimoto Kogyo Okinawa Rough & Peace School Acting Course Teacher. A member of the MENSA
Currently we are working out in the Aise Acting Workshop in the suburb of Shiya, Tokyo.
Over 90,000 participants. Other than the actor is also available. (As of September 2018)

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